Monday, September 26, 2011

One Thing Off The List

Remember that small (short, tiny, only 4 items) list in my last post?  I was able to get exactly one thing accomplished!  Whoo Hoo!

I hung my pheasant feather wreath in the dining room!

Pheasant Wreath - 2010

Pheasant Wreath - 2011

So that you will not think me a total sluggard, here's the rest of the story...

While switching out a mirror for a wreath isn't a difficult task, the logistics of this particular move proved to be a very lengthy process.  See the beautiful buffet in the 2011 photo above?  On Saturday morning, it was sitting in our garage.  The buffet was given to me by a dear girlfriend who was down-sizing her home.  Isn't she such a wonderful friend?  It matches my dining room furniture in both color & style, and I absolutely cherish it.

My sister and her husband were here early on Saturday, so I saw a chance to get the buffet moved into the house.  It's very heavy, and I have not wanted my husband to struggle with it.  We got it moved in with a minimum of trouble...oh happy day!

You DO know what happens when a new piece of furniture enters a room, right?  Things needs to be rearranged.  The former small cabinet shown in the 2010 photo will be perfect on the opposite wall.  That move will require changing the sofa's position.  That move will require switching end tables.

There went my day!  I'm still not done.  Hopefully today.  I'll have photos of the whole new arrangement and one showing off the buffet, next time.

Did I mention that the wreath was made for me by another girlfriend?  I really do have the most wonderful friends!


  1. That's a gorgeous buffet - I know you will enjoy it so much.
    I agree that one small change can start the ball rolling and before you know it a whole upheaval of furniture, decor, art etc. is rolling along - so much fun though to see things in a different light!

    As for girlfriends - I think you definitely have keepers Chris!!

    Hugs - Mary

  2. Congratulations on getting back to blogging; and thanks for stopping by so I would know! I can't keep up with a lot of decorator blogs in addition to all the painting blogs (though Lord knows I need all the help I can get in that department), so I will enjoy seeing your beautiful ideas and finds.

    Careful with that furniture moving--I recently learned first hand that after a "certain age" it's easier to injure something.


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