Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick Update!

We are all set to close on the new house on April 17th!  I will be so glad to start moving and transforming it into "my" home. There are a couple of very busy weeks ahead, but it will be happy work. :)

I have to say that I am the most grateful for our real estate agent who hand-held us through this process.  She is outstanding!  I might just have to do a post about it one day...

As soon as we get the keys, and I get the move-in cleaning done, I'll post the "before" photos.  Today, I am playing with paint color. You'll see why below.  Fun!

Here are a two more photos from the real estate listing.  This furniture belongs to the previous owner.

Dining/Living Room

Master Bedroom


  1. Chris I think you will enjoy starting over in this bright and perhaps more manageable home - I hope the move goes well dear and wish you every happiness.

    Happy weekend - hugs, Mary

  2. OMG are you going to have fun!!! Cannot wait to see your beautiful transformation.


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