Monday, July 6, 2009

See that young girl up there, sprightly dancing through life? I actually feel that way about my life. Not that there haven't been ups & downs, happiness and sadness, accomplisments & disappointments. With all that, I have definitely led a blessed life!

After my cancer surgery, exactly 6 months ago today, I received the most wonderful news that I was cancer free, and no chemo or radiation was necessary! I am so very thankful for that!

So then... what is up with me? The doctor tells me I am physically "well" and that the old me will return in time. I guess I'm being impatient. I have no stamina. Two hours of window shopping (my favorite form of recreation) wipes me out. Mentally, I am not up to snuff either. This blog, which has been so precious to me, has been mostly neglected because I couldn't think of anything important enough to say!

I have been pondering this situation, perhaps even over-thinking it for a couple of weeks. I have come to this conclusion:

As for my health, I am going to start working on that with real intent to feel BETTER than I did before my illness. I lost a fair amount of weight after surgery and that is something to build on. I have committted to walking every day. When that has become a habit, I'll look for more strength and stamina building exercise. But for now, it's baby steps.

Before, I wrote from the heart; no matter whether it was profound. As long as it interested me, I wrote. I admit that sometimes you, my dear reader, may have suffered for that! At least I was having fun. *Ü*

During my bout with the Big C, I somehow got the idea that I had to be or convey important things here. Must have something to do with facing mortality. Whatever, it's bolderdash! I have never, ever taken myself so seriously. It's got to stop! Those of you who have dealt with serious illness will probably recognize some of this. Feel free to encourage or kick butt as you see fit!

I'm coming back to blogdom, faithfully, starting today. I have no idea whether any of it will be worth reading, but blog I will!

I hope you'll be here with me. I plan to make this a good place to be...

Determined, Chris


  1. Hi Chris,
    You are just the sweetest, and I have always enjoyed reading what you post. I am so happy for your recovery. We have a dear young friend right now who is going through her cancer treatments.
    You keep blogg'n girl, cuz I'll be reading.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Well, I'll certainly be there with you. I've missed you and am glad to see you back. I don't think it has to be profound as long as it's from your heart. Or, if it's from your heart, it's automatically profound.

    BTW, I was happy to see that you came by BeeMusing today. I got the test results back and they were benign! Hallelujia!

  3. What a great post! Glad to see you are back with a vigor. Looking forward to sharing your progess in the days ahead!

  4. Yes It's you and I am so happy to see you profound or not I love seeing ya any which way.


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