Saturday, July 18, 2009

Small Space Garden

My sister lives in Silicon Valley, because that is where her work is. She would rather be living on a farm, or at least an acre or two in the country! She is an avid gardener, ecouraged I think, by the years she lived in England.

However, the style of the neighborhoods where she lives is big houses with postage stamp sized yards. So that limits the amount of gardening she can do. My sister is a determined girl! She has taken the small space she has and turned it into a beautiful example of le petit jardin.

While I was visiting last week, I took these photos of her fron garden. It is a wonderful, colorful space. She has managed to use her small space very well, don't you think?

This is her front door & steps. (Please ignore the two plants in plastic pots. I bought those to bring home with me.) I can tell you that sitting on those steps with your morning coffee is a real treat!

I took this photo of the garden from the sidewalk.

Here is the rose garden in the parking strip between the driveways. There are a gazillion daffodils and tulips here in spring. The dahlias here have tons of buds, but no blooms yet.

This is the small color garden under the Japanese Maple tree.

The gladiolas (mostly finished blooming) at the other side of the garden.

Finally one of the "dinner plate" dahlias which IS blooming now. This beauty was at least 8" across! Sis said they get as large as 12" later in the season!

My sister is yearning for property. She had retired from her career, which was a stressful one. I am praying that her dream comes true. She & I are secretly planning how we can move her family here, near us, where she can have her gardens! Her husband is a city boy, and not quite ready for it, but WE WILL PREVAIL!

I hope you've enjoyed this small garden tour. It's a preview to a much larger one that's coming soon!

Green thumbs up! Chris


  1. I think I want to sit on those steps with my cup of tea in the morning. It's just lovely. Can you imagine what she'd do with some land!

    Tell her honey he's gonna love country life!

  2. Chris, thank you for your visit and good wishes. Your sister has done an amazing job with her gardens. Sometimes small is a very good thing. What fun plans you two have!

  3. Oh, Miss Chris!
    Those beautiful front doors, the powdery (my fave!)brick, the cobblestone.... it's all so lovely! Of course, I hear her, wanting more land.... can you just imagine what she'd do with even more?!?!
    I hope for you 2 girls, that she'll be able to move closer to you!!!

    I was reading through, trying to catch up with you and your post on RSVPing... I hear you! You are just so right -- what is the deal with the lack of manners?!?!? I could just go on and's a touchy subject with me, too.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet birthday wishes for my "hunky, handy hubby"!!!
    I was just screaming and jumping up and down when I read it and it made us all so happy!
    Thank you, sweet Miss Chris!


  4. What a beautiful tour of your sister's garden. It has been so dry over here that my grass is now a crispy cruncy brown and most of my plants have died. I will need to do some replanting soon.

    Hugs :)


  5. Until she can get her 'farm' your sis is doing a fantastic job with her garden - thanks for sharing. We grew 'dinner plate' sized dahlias when I was a child in England - I don't see them around here so was pleasantly surprised to see them flourishing in Calif.


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