Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

I am so happy to be participating in "Three or More Tuesday" again! Our host is Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. Please take a few minutes to visit her and all the other participants!

Today, I am showing photos of floors! Yep...floors! My last post was a photo tour of Filoli, in Woodside, CA. It is a 36,000 sq.ft. country home set amidst 16 acres of formal gardens. Gorgeous! If you missed it, it's worth checking out.

One of the unique things in the house was the floors. All oak, but each room laid in a different pattern. Many were covered with beautiful Persian carpets, and I'll show a couple of those too..

This floor was in the Men's lounge. This is where they would retire after dinner for cigars, drinks & cards. The floor is laid in a straight pattern, but at the end of each board is a bow tie inset! Perfect for a guy's room!

Here we have two with a similar "woven" pattern. The scale on one is much larger and I love the peg detail!

Here are a couple of the carpets. The Persian script woven into the first one says, "May the wind blow gently so as not to mess my lady's hair".

Enjoy! Chris

P.S. Next week, we'll have a tour of Filoli's gardens!


  1. What a fun idea that bowtie in a parquet floor! You see, no three or more collection is ever dull!

  2. Like like the old rugs myself. Your hubs, an electrical engineer? mine too! I also showed those vintage beauties to him. Don't think he wants to build me one either ;-(
    FYI--he is class of '77 from Texas A&M University...Aggies we are!

  3. I live 5 minutes from Filoli Gardens, ya think I'd go at some point?? I love the bowtie accent in the men's lounge. The rugs are so beautiful.


  4. I long for wood floors...you're making me jealous. ;o) Happy 3 or More Tuesday!

  5. Okay I am not cleaning this place. You would forget where you had been cleaning the day before.

  6. Those are so neat! Great attention to detail!

  7. No joke... 16,000 sq ft would be way too much to clean! :)

    Those are gorgeous floors!!

  8. Beautiful floors! Your comment today just made me love blogging all the more. It was so sweet and you made my day!

  9. Really neat floors! Interesting Three or More post today! Left a comment on your previous post! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  10. Hi Chris,
    I love Filoli!. If you get a chance try to see it during Christmas it is truly amazing. The floors are great, but I love the kitchens.
    Great post!
    Take care and enjoy your day,


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