Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Painted Lady

Several years ago, my husband gave me a beautiful bird house for Christmas.  It has stood in our backyard for all this time, adding it's soft, shabby chic charm to the view.  Although you can't really tell from this photo, it is painted white, soft gray & celadon green.

It has also been well-used.  Every year, several pairs of  Tree Swallows moved in and raised their families.  It is a joy to watch. 

Birdhouse, Last Spring

After several years, the birdhouse needed repainting.  My husband took it down to check it for wasp nests (evil creatures) and said he would clean it up and paint it before placing it back on its pole.

True to his word, he did just that.  When I returned from my weekend at our church Women's Retreat, he could hardly wait to show me that he had completed his task. 

This is what I found!

Birdhouse, This Fall

His words to me were, "Doesn't it look just like a Victorian Painted Lady?".  Bright orange, bright green & bright blue...   I said, "Yes, babe; yes, it sure does!"  I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and then took my luggage into the bedroom to unpack & compose myself. 

By the time I was finished unpacking and walked out of the room, I was thankful not only for the newly painted birdhouse, but also for a husband who loves me & wants to give me the desires of my heart!  (Obviously that retreat might have been good for me!)

Besides, in a couple of years, it will need to be painted again! :)


  1. That's such a pretty bird house Chris, how sweet of your love to fix and paint it as a surprise - and don't forget the paint will soon fade in the weather! I have a white one with a natural shingle roof - not in too bad shape other than all the entry holes have been chewed by squirrels!!!! Did have birds nesting there again this year.

    Mary X

  2. Sweet hubby, Chris...the house looks so pretty now...just waiting for it's new visitors!

  3. It DOES look like a painted lady. What fun. Had to laugh about your comment regarding the Hoff. I admire his business acumen, he sures knows how to make money and he certainly seems like a nice enough fellow who does not take himself so seriously. I hope he has a successful run on this show but never makes another music video as long as there is tape to roll. LOL

  4. I love it!! I don't have any birdhouses yet but I want to get some with the amount of birds we see on a daily basis!!


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