Saturday, October 8, 2011

How To Spend a Saturday Afternoon

Sometimes, the urge to be domestic just won't be chased matter how hard I try!

2 Pasture-Raised Hens

All Boned & Packaged - Even Bones for Stock

Couple of Great Meals Here!


  1. Well I don't eat chicken, or any meats, but I can see you have two plump, tasty ones there! Bet you'll be glad to have these on hand ready for some delicious recipes on a chilly day when you're in chef mode!

    Meanwhile, I'm freezing pretty raspberries for yogurt breakfasts later!

    Happy day Chris - I'm already out watering my grass seed, coffee in hand, and it's sunny and warm, another perfect Autumn day here in NC.

    Hugs - Mary

  2. Now that is the perfectly intelligent way to do things. I am baking a birthday cake this morning and your post is giving me ideas. I should bake a chicken, too!

  3. Such a good way not to waste. My grandparents raised 13 children in the Great Depression and waste was something that no one committed. Chris, it is so good to hear from you, thank you for visitng my blog. blessings,Kathleen

  4. That's what I do too! I also say the ends of celery, onions and carrots and throw them in a container in the freezer, so when making soup stock, I grab a handfull of the frozen veggies and add them to the soup stock.

  5. I hate boning chicken but am always amazed at how much meat comes off the bones when I boil a carcass for soup.


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