Monday, October 17, 2011

Rubber Bumpers

If you have brown, half-inch square, rubber bumpers on the back of any of your framed art...

Do not walk, RUN to remove them!

Sorry it's blurred, but you get the idea?

We were visiting family for 2 days.  Having turned the air conditioner off to conserve energy, I imagine the inside temp may have reached the high 80's, at most. 

This is what I found when we returned!  It is a sticky, ugly, mess!  I tried to use a little fingernail polish remover on a Q-Tip and it also removes the paint; of course it does!  I might try "Goo Gone"?

I've been wanting to repaint my rooms, looks like the time is now!  Ugh!

See the brown goo running down my wall?

Happened in the living room too.

Flowers work as  a convenient camouflage!

These bumpers have been on these art pieces for at least 15 years.  I never imagined this could happen.  I do know that the brown felt bumpers can also stain, so I use the white felt or clear acrylic bumpers now. 

Fortunately, these two pieces are the only two that have the old bumpers.  But when we owned our custom frame shop franchise, the brown rubber type were the ones recommended by our company.  We used literally hundreds of them on customer's frames!  I am praying that this has not happened to anyone else. 



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  1. Gosh Chris, that's bad news. I used them up until the clear ones became available but never had them melt. Looks like someone will be painting soon!!!

    Good excuse for buying some pretty Fall flowers.



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