Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Accent on Accessories - Day 3

No single item for a theme today. I'm showing a series of photos, taken from model homes I visited. Each of these photos contains a vignette or a whole room view that represents, to my eye anyway, a effective or creative use of accessories. I'd love to hear your comments...

The use of plants (yes, they are all real) gives this narrow, very tall room room some life. They "ground" it and the green color dispersed around the room causes your eye to take in all of the room, not just the massive fireplace or very tall, box-beamed ceiling.

I thought the way this girl's room was decorated was so clever. Take two unfinished dressers, paint each a different color from your room scheme, then switch out the drawers! Brilliant! I also like the use of the small screen - turned message/keepsake board, to fill the empty corner. It also might come in handy to disguise clutter on a desk, a clothes hamper or other kid paraphernalia.

Don't know if the designer bought this lamp like it is, but it would be easy to recreate with some silk flowers and a glue gun. It was my favorite thing in the room!

This is totally impractical, especially if you have kids, but I love it! A small dessert server, pretty saucers or bowls, a few delicious-smelling soaps (or potpourri) and you have a wonderful powder room accessory.

You all know I love plates, so I just had to include a photo of some. These bright orange plates brighten what could have been a very boring corner.

Enjoy! Chris


  1. Chris, you've got excellent taste! I especially like the floral lamp... and the window treatments in the first room. I'd like to study those some more and maybe duplicate.

  2. Accessories are what make all things perfect.

    Not, to mention they make all things fun.

    I'm loving this series.

  3. Hi Chris, I love the lamp shade too. And the little soap dish thingie too. I love plates too .

  4. Love the drawers on those two dressers! Great striping on the walls!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  5. Chris - I made one of those lamps after I saw one in a home tour. It was super easy and everybody that see it loves it.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  6. Going to model homes is a great way to get decoarating ideas! Fun!


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