Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heat & More Smoke!

The Sacramento area is once again dealing with smoke from the Northern California wildfires. This time it is accompanied by oppressive heat. It was 108º here yesterday! It isn't unusual for us to have a few REALLY HOT days every summer. But the smoke is a new and unwelcome addition to the mix!

This photo was taken off our back deck yesterday afternoon. The weather is so fickle, that a slight breeze will come up and clear things just a little, then it stops and the smoke filters back into our valley and just lays here!

I have been able to stay inside, but today I have to be out in this stuff a couple of times. Just walking out to the detached garage or to the garbage cans starts the eyes burning! Even my neighbors cattle which are never very energetic, seem lethargic.*Ü*

Today will be cooler, 105º, and the local weather guy (who is pretty right-on most of the time) predicts we're going to get some clearing of the smoke and cooling into the 90's this weekend. It can't happen to soon for me!

All prayers and positive thoughts for an end to these awful wildfires are greatly appreciated!




  1. Fires and smoke... very familiar subjects for us, and I deeply sympathize. A *cease-fire* is much needed, and I will keep this hope in my prayers.
    Thank you for commenting on Chickenblog, and you have to tell me, what in the world are "geoduck clam fritters?!" Sounds like something crisp and delicious... like I need another excuse to go back! lol

  2. Wow....105*? I would totally melt I'm afraid! LOL...I'm sorry you are dealing with the smoke and fires again. I hope they get them put out SOON!

  3. I just found you, and I'm having a great time here. I wanted to let you know that I, too, loved that black room. A black room? Ick. However, this was beautiful! I love the pictures of your house tours, and I love the music you have playing!

  4. Chris - - 108 degrees???? Yikes. And smoke?? This is a deadly combination for the elderly or people with respiratory problems. Stay inside and find something fun to do. I can stand alot of things including 40 degrees below zero, but I can't stand head.

    = Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  5. Chris,

    I remember those hot torrid summers of Northern California all too well. I hope you get that cooler weather soon.


  6. Oh my goodness ... 105 is cooler??? I complain when we hit 90! lol! I hope the fires get put out soon ... that must be such a worry for you.


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