Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PLEASE read me!

Whew! My "few days off" stretched into more than a week! I was able to read & post a few comments on some of my favorite blogs, but I didn't have time to think about and prepare anything for my own. Actually, I think I had a slight case of blogger's block...

Then, when I finally felt inspired to share some more photos of my teapot collection, the camera has no batteries! I had the tray all laid out with my chinese pot & cups and all the fun accoutrements. What do I get when I press the button? Beep...beep...beep! Nuts! Gotta go find the batteries. The box is in not the drawer where it ought to be (of course). Ask husband, who hands over the box found under a pile of papers on the top of his desk.

He says: "Some of these might not be good."

She says: "Whaaat? Why not? Have you been putting old ones back in the box?"

He says: "Yes."

She says: "Who does that? Did you mark them?" (This man is an Electrical Engineer, I'm sayin' a college graduate!?)

He says: "No."

She says: "So how do I tell which are good?" (By now, I knew I wasn't taking any photos today!)

He says: "Just switch them in and out".

She says: "There are 4 batteries in the camera, and 12 in the box. Do you have any idea how long this could take?"

He says: He doesn't say a darn thing, which is probably smart of him.

So, I begin switching batteries in & out between the camera & the box. After about 5 different configurations, I put ALL the batteries in the box & tossed it in the recycle bin!

He says: "Hey! Some of those might be good!"

She says: "Then you figure it out!"

The batteries are still there. One of us might just retrieve them and try again to figure it out, but don't count on it!

All of this leads me to an apology for a photoless post and for exposing you to our marital meshuge (makin' each other crazy! *Ü*). I can only hope that I come up with a title that is so compelling that you'll have to read on!

Heading out for batteries, Chris

P.S. Men really are from Mars!!!


  1. Thank you for my chuckle of the day! I love it!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment! You really made my day. Photography is a new hobby and it's fun.

    I just started blogging and I learned quickly to keep those batteries well-charged!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Chris , I am so-o-o-o glad you and your hubby are just like me and my hubby ! hehehehe

    Glad your back dear !

  4. That sounds so much like a typical husband and wife conversation! It gave me a laugh.
    Rhondi xo

  5. Chris...I'm laughing so hard right's just like me and my Glenn!!!

    Men are definitely from Mars!



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