Saturday, July 19, 2008

Three French Hens

No, I am not referring to those most famous of hens, that were given to me, by my true love, on the third day of Christmas! But these were also given in love and are precious to me!

You see, my husband and I owned this 10 acres of beautiful Northern California soil for 8 years before we built our home here. For a time, it looked like our dream of living in the country might never happen. But even before we moved here, we spent lots of time out here, visiting our dream!

My parents loved this place too. We used to all drive out here on a Saturday morning, bringing our thermos of coffee, doughnuts & lawn chairs, to sit and visit in the shade of the biggest oak tree. Then when we had cleared enough of the land and fashoined a driveway, my parents took their 5th wheel RV out of storage & moved it on to the land. That was the beginning of many family breakfasts and BBQ's, and even camp-outs, "out on the ranch".

My daddy passed away before he could see our home standing on this property he loved so much! That always makes me sad when I think of it. Happily, Mom was able to see and spend time in our new home, and she loved everything about it. Before she became ill, she was considering building a small home for herself here. That would have been wonderful...Both parents were country folks at heart. I am grateful they taught me to appreciate it too!

One time when Mom came for some get-together, she brought me a gift - the Three French Hens! She said when she saw them in a catalog, she knew she had to get them for me! "They fit right in with all your other hens and roosters, and will look perfect on your countertop". She was right, don't you think?

I still want to build a coop & have real chickens. Until then, these girls keep me company in my kitchen. They are a sweet reminder of my loving parents and of how lucky I am to be living my dream!

I'm traveling for a few days next week for my job. I'll check in if/when I can. You all have a wonderful week!




  1. Hi Chris, hey I have been thinking about getting a chicken house made.I think I would like having some chickens.But I think my dogs would like them too!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog!! I do love to have visitors and will be posting much about the farm and how we live.

    I love the hens - they are darling! We have some laying hens, a few ducks, and lots of other stuff!!

    Good luck with traveling this week!!

  3. I like your french hens, but I like the story behind them even better.

    And I encourage you to get chickens, they're a hoot! And they make you breakfast! (well, they make the egg, which is the hard part!)

  4. Hello, so nice to meet you (through your blog, that is). I love the pic of the road on your profile. Is that near your home. So poetic.

    I really enjoyed walking down memory lane with you regarding your parents and dreams all wrapped up in the association of three french hens. Cute! My grandma had a "chicken" kitchen, but she was an awful cook -- no yummy memories for me. When I see a chicken laying on the counter -- I am instantly NOT hungry anymore. ; )

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Come by anytime for a chat.

  5. I love your hens. I have 9 real chickens and you should really get a few. having fresh eggs is fabulous and they really make good company. My girls follow me around like puppies when I garden. They are hoping for a snack!

  6. Those hens are beautiful and I wasn't sure if they were real or not, until you said.

    Your story is even more beautiful.
    It always makes me so happy to read about wonderful, loving families. My husband and I hope to create the memories (memories like yours) for our children that our parents would not for us.

    When we begin to think that such families don't exist (outside of our hopes) someone like you, will share such an inspiring story!

    Thank you. Thank you so very much.

    Be safe in your traveling!

    Many Blessings,

  7. Chris,

    Your french hens are very handsome! What a sweet entry about your family and the love of the land.

    Thank you so much for praying for my family and me. My daughter is fine but stranded in southern Texas due to the hurricane. She called and she sounds pretty sad. She was due to come home today. They have no electricity and some food but they have begun rationing it. I'm trying to not worry as she is in the Lord's hands.


  8. Oh Chris, those hens are sooo special! I love things when they have dear sentiment attached. My dream is to have just a little chunk of land to call my own - maybe I'll have mine one day...sure glad your you got yours! :)

  9. Your hens are adorable, Chris, and all the more so for the memories that they bring with them. I've always wanted to raise chickens but living in town makes it impossible.

    Thanks so much for your visits and lovely comments to my blog!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. Oh Chris, those are GORGEOUS.
    If you ever have me over for coffee and cake, you may want to hide those. They might be missing after I leave! LOL

  11. Hi Chris, your post made me teary eyed. It is hard losing parents. I just love your french hens. I hope you can get a coop and chickens soon. You will so enjoy them! blessings, Kathleen

  12. Hello Chris!

    The hens are so sweet! What a lovely story, I can see why those little hens are so special to you. I so enjoyed as a child visiting each summer my grand parents farm! When it comes to eggs, nothing taste like fresh eggs straight from the hen to the table....delicious! Lovely post Chris, beautiful family memories. Have a lovely week!



  13. Well, I'm in tears. Those are such sweet memories.


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