Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Rhondi over at Rose Colored Glasses is the hostess of "Thankful Thursday" every week. I have always meant to join in, and today I finally got my act together! (I am thankful for that, by the way!*Ü*) I really love the idea of sharing these thoughts with one another. So Rhondi, I am also thankful for the opportunity you're providing us!

I am so thankful for my home in the country!

This is a photo of our very long driveway. I am up and down this little road many times a week. But not until a young photographer got down on her knees and took this picture, did I really see it! The photo always reminds me that sometimes we have to shift our perspective only slightly, to our knees, to really see the world around us!

I am blessed with a special "country" quiet (unless my husband is out on the tractor) which isn't really quiet at all. There are birds, frogs, crickets & bees, all were so much more difficult to to hear amid the cacophony of a less rural setting.

Though I'll admit I prefer heading up the driveway toward home, to going down the driveway, I am thankful for the view each way!
Surprise! My next post will be my 50th! I'll be hosting a giveaway, so be sure to check back!

Thankfully, Chris


  1. Hi Chris. I am so glad you're joining us for Thankful Thursday. I'll link you up right now. What a wild driveway you have! It sure makes me want to drive down and find out what lies at the other end! I'll be back for your 50th post.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  2. Chris...thanks for the comment! I absolutely love your driveway...and I agree living in the country is the best! You can hear everything! Another bonus is the night sky...the stars are so much brighter!

    I added you to my bloglist if that's ok!


  3. Oh Chris your drive way is beautiful. If that was my driveway I would just want to leave and come home all day long! I live in New England however, and I WOULD NOT want to shovel or plow it. I love your thought of getting down on your knees to change your perspective. I'm going to carry that thought around with me for quite a while.

  4. Hello there,
    what a driveway you have! imagine how much fun it is to go sledding on a snowy day ... only you don't get snow, right?
    i love your blog, you're funny, mind if i link yours to mine?

  5. Hi Chris, love the pic of your driveway. That is a beautiful view.
    Have a great weekend!

    Irma :)

  6. Hi, Chris! OMG...That's your driveway?! I thought the house I grew up in had a long driveway, that as nothing compared to your's--LOL! Your thankful post is lovely...It's so nice to meet you and find your wonderful blog. Thanks so much for visiting me! Happy weekend :o)

  7. Wow! This is your driveway? It's so beautiful. It looks like one of those photographs they'll put on the last page of Country Living magazine each month with a quote about serenity or beauty or something. -Julia

  8. I always long to live in a country and thanks for sharing this lovely photo of your driveway.

  9. Chris I just have to tell you how much I LOVE the pic of your drive is so peaceful looking, almost soothing if you know what I mean.

    Thank you for sharing your site as well...I have enjoyed what I have read so, back to reading...



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