Monday, August 11, 2008

Catch a Falling Star!

Tonight, between 1:30 am & dawn is the very best night to view the Perseid meteor shower, if you live on the west coast. Seeing any "falling star" is such a thrilling, magical thing. But the chance to see dozens of them is irresistable for me!

Of course, I am going to invite my husband to set the alarm for 3 am, so that he can join me on the back deck (the one with the most unobstructed view) to view this yearly meteor shower. I am prepared to have him say, "are you kidding me?". But I will extend the invitation, just the same. We are fortunate to live far from the glow of city & street lights. The sky is very clear. We should have a perfect view.

I have my father's telescope. And although it isn't good for viewing meteors, they are too fast, it reminds of his fascination for the stars. I got my appreciation for the wonders of "space" from him. His many years in the aerospcae industry afforded us kids a special perspective. And I was fortunate enough to work for the same aerospace company that he did, during my college years.

Had he not had 5 children, and been 20 years younger, I believe he would have jumped at the opportunity to go into space. I'm a wimp who prefers feet on the ground, but I'll appreciate the show, just the same!

So tonight, I wish you could all to join me out on the deck, eyes poised skyward, to view this beautiful piece of God's wonderful creation! If you are able, please try to see it yourself. I'll be thinking of my daddy and how wonderful his view must be!
Edited to add: The "show" was wonderful. I watched for about an hour and counted 14 meteors. I'm sure I would have seen more, had I been on my back in the middle of the lawn. But I wimped out there too. We have critters (especially skunks) running around at night and sitting in a chair on the deck just felt safer! *Ü*
The Perseid Meteor Shower continues tonight. So if you missed it last night, you've got another chance!


  1. Lovely post, Chris...I've always been fascintating by the night sky. My mom and I, when I was younger and in my tees, we used to go out at dark and just look, admire, be in awe...Luckily my hubby has a similar fascination :o) Happy Days...and keep wishing on stars! ((HUGS))

  2. Oh Shoot ! I forgot about that ! Hope you saw alot of stars !

  3. I, too, love looking at the stars and moon. Whenever I take the time to do it, I'm usually out there for a looong time. It's so captivating! And it makes me feel so tiny!

  4. Chris, thanks for the reminder. If the sky is clear this evening I'm going to try and sit outisde. IF, the bugs don't carry me away.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  5. That must have been amazing to see all those meteors, Chris! I don't think I've ever seen on ... but then again, I'm not much of a night person!

  6. The photo makes me want to run outside and watch the stars tonight.

  7. Hi Chris..I just stopped by to see you. I love your driveway it should be in a movie. I also love your teapots, I am also a teapot and teacup collector. I will be stopping by again to visit.
    Have a good day,

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for all your support and prayers!

    kari & kijsa

  9. Hey you..where you been on HTE.......I miss ya!!!

    The meteor shower in SouthWest Colorado was such a treat that I forgot...FORGOT to take photos.

    Wished on lotsa stars ;)


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