Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a Clump of Grass!

I really love English-style gardens. Lush, green, well-kept. Give me a boxwood border, trimmed topiary, wide perennial borders, and I'd be in gardener's heaven! Someday, I will have just that, even if only on a small scale.

Now, we have 10 acres of mostly "wild" vegetation. I have been thinking of ways to use native, drought-tolerant plantings in our landscape. I saw a garden of ornamental grasses in a magazine recently, and it really caught my eye. My favorite daylily farm has a demo garden with lots of these grasses and I love the varied colors and heights, the interesting "plumage" of the seed heads, and the movement as the sway in the breeze.

When I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to find a place for such a garden, he looked at me a raised brow. "Doesn't sound too interesting to me", he said. I really need to take him to the daylily farm to see the grasses for himself.

Then, I happened to notice a clump of some kind of grass growing next to the irrigation ditch that snakes through our property. After much persuasion, I convinced him not to take the sickle bar mower to it! The results are what you see pictured below! I think it is so cool!

Last night when we took a walk along the ditch path, I asked him if he couldn't imagine a garden full of these graceful beauties somewhere on the property. He said "Yeah, might be nice...".

I'm making progress, for sure!


  1. I have a feelin a garden is coming along now anytime ! :0) :0)
    Have a blessed day .

  2. There is a place in every garden for some ornamental grass. I have zebra grass.

  3. Good for you, Chris -- I'm sure he will see the light any day now! ;) The park near our home has lots of ornamental grasses in it, and my husband always says that he loves them...

  4. Oh Gardens...I love them, too! I'd always wanted a garden and now I have mine!

    Thanks for visiting this morning and leaving a comment for us! PTL!!


  5. Hi Chris.... Love your ornamental grass.... You must be thrilled !!!


  6. NO Fair! I pay a fortune to by that kind of grass and yours is growing wild??? I'm glad you made the hubby leave looks great!


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