Friday, August 8, 2008

More Teapots

Way back in February, I posted photos of some of my teapot collection. I said then that next time, I would be posting some photos of my vintage pots. It has taken me a while to do it, but next time is finally here. I still have many more to show you...can't say how many months you'll have to wait!

First, not a vintage pot, but I had it out to use so I thought I'd start with it. This Chinese pot and cups were given to me last Christmas by my 21 year old nephew. That kid is the best shopper! He "listens" all year long & shops accordingly. Everyone got a gift from him that they loved! (He is going to make a terrific husband some day!)

Next are three vintage pots. The one on the stand was given to me as a birthday gift by my girlfriend Nancy. It has an unusual shape and the overall condition is still very good. I suspect that might be a result of it not being used much since the shape of the pot causes it to not pour out well. But it's cute and I love it anyway!

The other two pots I won on eBay. Both are English, made by Sadler, and I am always attracted to gold!

Last for this time are three "tea-for-one" sets. I received all of them as gifts. One was obviously from my child (daughter Melissa) the other two from my "best buddy & pal" Kathy. I use them quite often for an afternoon tea break. I like my tea brewed from loose-leaf tea, in a pot, so they're perfect for about a cup and a half.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing more of my collection. I love to share tea, and using the pots in my collection makes me very happy! Each one has a great memory attached.

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Enjoy! Chris



  1. Hi Chris , you have a nice collection of pots there . I love that pink one !

  2. Your collection is awesome. Love those pink ones. Really put mine to shame... lol. I only own one teapot. I keep my eyes open for vintage ones.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my have so many beautiful teapots. I only have a few, but I love them...I just don't have anywhere to display them.

    Take care and hugz,

  4. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for visiting me at"Home is Where the Heart Is". I love, love your blue and white poke-a-dotted tea pot. Where did you find this little treasure?. I don't really use my teacups since they are so old, but I do use my teapots and my tea for ones. I will visit you again soon.


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