Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obsessed with Reading Glasses?

Several months ago, one of my blogging friends, Theresa @ Take a Sentimental Journey , posted about her collection of reading glasses. I had just taken photos of my own, and am always amazed at how I find so many similarities between myself and other bloggers I visit regularly! BTW, if you've never visited Theresa's blog, you really's great!

Not wanting to be a TOTAL COPYCAT, I've waited a few months before posting about my reading glasses obsession. Theresa, I know you'll enjoy this one! ;o)

Not exactly sure how this all started. Well, the 'ole eyes need help, for sure. One day I was looking for a good, serviceable pair of reading glasses in the drug store, and before I knew it, I was seeing them everywhere! Look at all the colors(!), the shapes(!) and the embellishments! I'm hooked!

I do wear all of these, but I have a couple of favorites! The animal print & the black & white floral pair get lots of use. The rimless pair with the black case are usually in my purse since they are titanium and almost weightless. The purple pair with crystals are reserved for when I am wearing one of my Red Hats.

Funny thing, I don't have a pair in every room, which would make sense. Except for the pair in my purse, I keep them all in my desk drawer. At least I always know where to look!

I'll bet Theresa & I aren't the only ones with a few pairs of reading glasses! C'mon, fess up!

Enjoy! Chris


  1. Oh Chris, this is funny ! I forgot to count to see how many pair you had,but it's alot ! You and I are joined at the hip on this obsession aren't we ? LOL.
    Have a great day dear Chris !

  2. Oh wow.. my glasses would put yours to shame! And by that I mean that my glasses are about this thick: l_______l

    I AM impressed with your collection of glasses. Very colorful! Do you match them to your purse? Or your shirt? Or your shoes?

  3. Ihave to take my glasses off to see anything! I do love those cute little reading glasses, though.

  4. I don't even look at these glasses when I'm out because I would be totally obsessed with matching them to outfits, jewelry or anything else I could justify!!! I guess I have to stick with my prescription glasses that cost an almost-fortune!!

    Chris - I just read your post about your upcoming surgery. I am so sorry you have to go through this, but I know you will feel sooo much better when it is over. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Do you have a date scheduled yet? Just psych yourself up and it will be fine. You can do anything. You wouldn't have to do this if you couldn't. God bless you.

  5. Chris,

    What colorful glasses! I'm afraid I wear prescription glasses so I only have one pair. I do like all of yours. :)

    Have a lovely day!



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