Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa's Transportation - Part II

Here are some more of my vintage Santa images! This time, he is traveling on four wheels. Some of them are pretty snazzy too!

In this first one, he appears to be exceeding the speed limit! It is titled "Gangway for Santa"!

I love this double-deck bus! He's even got the kids with him.

The next two feature angels. Is that Baby Jesus on the back? I just read Luke 2 and saw no mention of Santa or a car...I think there was a bit of creative license taken here, don't you?

And in the second, it looks to me like the angels are throwing snowballs at one another. Oh my!

In this last one, Santa appears to be enjoying a safer and more sane drive through the snow, although he still appears to have a bit of a lead foot!

Personally, it doesn't look like nearly as much fun as a sleigh and reindeer!

Check back in a day or so for more amazing Santa transportation!

Enjoy! Chris


  1. Hi Chris, I just have gotten a chance to "catch up" and read your precious posts. I love all of your pretty cards! I wish the companies could make cards like these again! Blessings, Kathleen

  2. Just dropped back by to wish you a merry Christmas and many blessings for the new year! blessings, Kathleen

  3. Oh, Chris!
    Those pictures are too funny -- but they're beautiful, too!

    I just love vintage images!

    Merry Christmas,


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