Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's Transportation - Part III

Today, we're going to see Santa flying 'round the world to keep is hectic delivery schedule! I love these!

First, Santa's elves need to load all the toys and goodies on The Spirit of St. Nicholas.

Next, Santa takes off in his ultra-light glider with skis! Handy for snowy rooftops and beach landings in Florida! I hope Santa never forgets YOU!

These next two show how efficient delivery by plane can be...Santa just tosses the gifts down the chimney or into the hands/apron of the children. No need to leave a plate of cookies! Would I like finding my gifts in the fireplace on Christmas morning?

Last one. Santa seems to be enjoying his flight over field and farm in his prop biplane. I am certainly glad the price of fuel had declined!

Come on back tomorrow to see more of Santa's Christmas Eve transportation!

Enjoy! Chris



  1. I just looked at all three parts. These are great! I'd like to have some like this framed and change out some of my every day art with these for Christmas.


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