Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Transportation - Part V

Here is the last group of vintage Santa images. Quite the hodge-podge!!

Here is Santa arriving on a train.

The next two show Santa traveling by mule. The second mule has made it to the rooftops, so I'm sure it's part reindeer!

Love these three-wheelers!

Then Santa takes to the skies again in a couple of blimps & a hot air ballon.

Not sure what to make of this last far can he get on a rocking horse? Oops! How silly of me. Santa is magic, isn't he? *Ü*

I hope you enjoyed looking at these vintage images of Santa as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you!




  1. Chris!
    That one on the mule has beautiful coloring! I love that coat! Mule on the roof, ey? Too much eggnog?
    Thanks for sharing, they are all so beautiful and have given me joy seeing them! I love your pictures of old Santas!

  2. Love the santa pics Chris.Hope you have a blessed Christmas dear.

  3. I did enjoy seeing them. I think my very favorite is the one with the forest animals. It's like you said, very sweet. I kind of like him skiing, too.


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