Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Mantel

I am posting a (lousy) photo of my mantel shelf.  There are just a few minutes during the day, when the light is just right, where you can see the candle glow & the the other stuff on the shelf.  I was in a hurry...

I have had my digital camera for years, and still don't know how to use it. :(   Obviously.  I thought I was taking a photo, but I was actually using the video feature.  Duh!  My daughter was able to capture a shot from the video, and that is what you see here.  Tomorrow, I will post again, with a better photo & the decor on the chest below it.  I should have the rest of the decor done by then too.

I wanted to thank you all for the opinions you gave me!  In the end, I added the greenery, etc. below the shelf & that helped a lot.  As you can see, I did leave the squirrel & the deer.  We live in the country, and these critters are our real life visitors every day.  Also, the patterns on the red transferware are country scenes. 


  1. I think its beautiful.I love the china.Your skills with the camera sound like mine, what would we do with out our children.The two teapots and water jug look lovely mixed in with the deer.This is a look I happen to love.

  2. Hi Chris ,cant wait to see the pic tomorrow.Love your transfer ware.

  3. I think it's gorgeous Chris! We must be sisters from different mothers. I have had my camera for a few years now and have no idea how to really use it either! Duh!! xxoo

  4. The camera stuff reminds me of something my mother did recently. She was recording the dog playing outside, but then she did not know how to turn off the video when she was ready to stop. So you see her pointing the camera to the ground and as she walks back up the stairs you see her feet climbing the stairs and into the house. At the end she raises the camera and you can see my dad wondering what was up. Somehow she managed to turn it off, but we laughing so hard we were in tears watching that video.



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