Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Are you hooked on Pinterest yet?  I love to visit and "pin" there, although, I am trying to limit the time doing so.  I could literally get caught up for hours!

Today, I am sharing afew Christmas pins that I think are pretty special.  Enjoy!

Too cute:

I am working on a version of this one:

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Red & White = Love:

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Marshmallow Wreath:

I NEED this gate:

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Christmas Bread Wreath:

Plaid Christmas Cookies:

Christmas Mantel:


  1. I think I want to make the marshmellow wreath with my grandmchildren. What fun. LOve these photos. Sea Witch

  2. Dear Chris these photos are breathtaking! I certainly adore the fireplace and stars, so beautiful!

    I am thinking of joining Pinterest soon. I have visited and like you I know I could stay for hours. :)

    By that way, I adore your background here it is indeed pretty. :) Continue to enjoy a lovely week my friend.



  3. That bread looks heavenly - may have to try that!


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