Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh! What fun it is to...par-tay! :)

This past Wednesday was our RazzMaTazz (Tupperware) Sales Organization's Year-end Luncheon.  I love a good party, and this was the BEST I've attended in a long time!  Twelve (yes, 12!) hours of celebration & recognition!  Every minute from 11 am to 11 pm was packed with so much fun, I am still smiling about it!

My dear friend and Director, Stephanie, had a jam-packed day planned for us!  This woman is a fabulous leader, generous beyond belief, and she loves each of us unconditionally!  Steff opened her home to us and she knows how to entertain!  How could we NOT have a wonderful day?

The day was planned  like this:

First, Leadership Luncheon for 26 of us!  We brought the appetizers, Steff and her husband provided a Prime Rib lunch.  Yum!

Here's my contribution to the appetizers.  Individual shrimp cocktails in TW Midgets.  These are so easy and great for a mix & mingle party.

Here are a couple of photos of  Steff's living room set up for lunch.

Next, we had individual recognition.  I recieved  one of three "Partier of the Year" awards.  It was a sparkly pin, which I'll show in a later photo.  We also had a gift exchange and an auction.  Steff awards "Miss Moneybags"  cash to us throughout the year for our achievements.  Then, at the year end party we get to spend it on items she collects for us. 

The next two photos are of the auction tables.

I bid on & won the wine chiller and a gift basket of bath products.  I still have auction bucks to start out the new year, too!

Next on the agenda, for 12 of us, was a Shopapalooza!  We won the opportunity to shop (with Steff's money) as a reward for sales and recruiting during August.  We met at a local outdoor shopping galleria, split into 2 teams, of six each.  I was captain of one team, chosen by random drawing.  Each team was given $150 dollars to spend on 6 gifts, in two hours.  We had to shop for things that represented the word "DREAMS", and make up a skit to go with them.  The team who spent the closest to $150 without going over "won".  My team did it!  We spent $149.52, the other team spent $149.23...close, eh?  Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to get 6 women to agree on 6 gifts.  It is a lot of fun, though!

At the end of the 2 hours, we met at a restaurant in the galleria for appetizers and drinks, AND to have Steff draw names for the gifts we had just purchased.  I told you she was generous!  After each team did their little skit to show what they had purchased, tickets were pulled and when your name was called, you got to choose from any of the 12 gifts.  No photos, sorry.  My camera decided to run out of juice, and I didn't think of my phone. :(

Finally, Steff handed us all movie tickets to see "New Years Eve" at the theater around the corner!  We all piled into the cars rushed to make the next show.  What a great movie!  The story was wonderful.  As it unfolded, more stars kept showing up! 

I had the most fabulous day!  And I certainly had a bunch of stuff to haul home!

Here are my goodies.  I am so thankful to be part of a business and sales team that treats me so well!

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