Thursday, December 1, 2011

Napkin Folding, Christmas Style

Disclaimer:  The color of the napkins used here, should be reversed.  The red napkin which should be the flower (Poinsettia) was not sturdy enough to hold it's shape.  Of course, I had no spray starch, which helps immensely!  So, just use your imagination and pretend, ok? :)

These are two very easy napkin folds, combined.  The leaves are a Pinwheel fold.  Instructions HERE.  The flower is the Lotus or Rose fold, which I pulled up to form deeper petals.  Instructions HERE.  Add a lighted votive and...

Here is the result. Came up with this for a Tupperware training last night.  Now I'm going to use it myself! :)

What do you do with TWO napkins?  One for dinner; one for dessert!


  1. Right colour or not, they are beautiful Chris! Love your Christmas background as well! Very festive! xxoo

  2. This is so pretty...for a centerpiece, even! Funny, my Mom and I were talking about how she became obsessed with napkin folding when I was a young girl, and I remember her showing us all kinds of folds. She still has her book of folds!!!


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