Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We interrupt this blog for a short commercial...

Happy Tuesday!  Today, I am writing as your Tupperware consultant. 

When Tupperware releases a sale that is too good NOT to share, I share! :)  There's a chance to win too!  Read to the end.

We're talking about the most expensive food product most of us have in our kitchens.  Do you know what that product is?  It is the Spices & Dried Herbs you have on your shelf.  Depending on where you live, and the type, these can cost $8 to $10 an ounce. 

They also last about 6 months, with normal storage.  You take the top off a jar of spices, remove the airtight, tamper-proof seal, and the replace the top.  The container is no longer air-tight.  The biggest enemies of your spices & herbs are, light, heat & air!  (Never store your spices above or next to the stove.) You can add bugs in there, too!  They are especially fond of paprika and chili powder products.

If you have had to replace or purchase new spices as you began your seasonal baking and cooking, you know how costly it can be.   

Enter the Tupperware Spice Shakers & Carousel.

Complete Spice Shaker Set with Carousel

These containers are on sale for at a 40% discount!  They have features that will help you store spices in an organized manner AND keep them fresh up to 10X longer! 
  • Virtually liquid & air-tight
  • Frosted sides help diffuse light
  • Clear front panel for easy ID of contents
  • Seal has a shaker side & a pour/scoop side
  • Stackable
  • Set contains 8 1-cup & 8 1/2-cup shakers
  • Carousel fits in most standard cabinets.
The complete set is $47 (save $32).  You can also purchase the shakers without the carousel, in sets of 4.  The 1-cup shakers are $11 (save $8) and the 1/2-cup shakers are $9 (save $6).

****Now for the fun part!**** 
Order a:
  • Complete Spice Shaker Set,
  • any sets of shakers,
  • or ANY product
from this link: http://bit.ly/spiceshakerparty (an online party) before Friday Dec. 30, 2011 @ 12 noon PST, and I'll place your name in a drawing to be Host of this party.  You'll receive the host Thank You Gift, Host Credits to spend and any 1/2 price items earned by the party sales. Sorry, this drawing is available for US residents only.

Merry Christmas to You!!

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