Monday, June 30, 2008

Accent On Accessories

This week, I thought I'd go to my file of inspiration photos again! I always enjoy looking at them. Every time I do, I am reminded how important the accessories are in a room.

Each day, starting today through Thursday, I'll be showing off a photo of some of my favorite accessories. Some will be in vignettes, as this first one is, others may be photos of the item from the catalog, magazine or shop where I found it. I hope you'll enjoy seeing these and that they'll inspire you too!

Today's photo is of a beautiful candelabra. What I found so charming is that the designer has placed glass tubes in the candle holders and placed flowers in them! I love that it has been repurposed for the summer months when candles aren't used so frequently.

The other idea that I love in the photo is the use of books to elevate the candelabra. This works for lamps, floral arrangements, or to give any item more height and/or importance. I also think the addition of the "scattered" fruit (actually carefully placed, I'm sure) is unexpected and much more interesting than the traditional bowl of fruit. One caution: Real fruit could be problematic in a situation like this, unless you're just "dressing" the house for a party. Wax or wooden faux fruit would be the best choice! *Ü*

I'm on the lookout for a similar candelabra at every thrift store, flea market & garage sale I find. I haven't found just the right one yet, but I know it is out there!

Enjoy! Chris


  1. I love looking at creative ideas like this! We're renting right now, but I hope that one day I can have a creatively-decorated house!

  2. Chris,

    What a great creative idea! Your candelabra is simply beautiful. I, too, stack books and place little treasures on them. I'm hoping to start posting pictures tomorrow of my little home ala 4th of July-ish. I did post a picture of little Tildy today. She looks so cute in her basket.

    Have a lovely afternoon!


  3. I absolutely love the candelabra idea...certainly would have never thought of that! It looks amazing and I like the idea of having flowers that match my personality!


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