Thursday, June 26, 2008

Walls in Black

My husband & I have been watching HGTV's Design Star. I did not think we would bother. After the first night, there wasn't one of the designers I liked, one that I thought had any "star" qualities. I did however discover a couple of the wannabes that I really disliked!

I think I watched on the second week, hoping one of them would get the boot. That did not happen, sigh... What did happen is that a couple of the others are growing on me! One of those is Matt. I have to say that I thought the black-walled living room that he and Michael designed was beautiful!

That room reminded me of some pix I have saved in my inspiration file. If I remember correctly, these were posted on the HGTV message board. Sadly, I don't know who designed the room, because I would love to give them credit!

I am not sure whether I could live with a black room, but this one is certainly stunning! It seems to me that I would love it in the colder months, but that it might be oppressive in the warm/hot summer!

What do you think of this room? Are you watching Design Star? Did you like Matt & Michael's room?

I really like the way the bed drapes created a "room within a room" in this large space.

The panels & moulding are beautiful & the red accents (especially the coral) are just WOW! Somehow, the shell fabric and sea-themed accessories help to add life to the room, don't you think?

Enjoy! Chris



  1. Chris,

    The black is stunning. I don't think I would care for it in my home though. My walls are white (blueberry baseboards). The white makes the rooms seem so much bigger. I think the black would do the opposite.

  2. I love design star and I loved the black living room as well. I was sad to see D. Paul go home when I think Tracy should have gotten the boot. But I guess she brings drama which brings ratings. But she is not a team player.

  3. Hi Chris,a-h-h-h I LOVE the black and white room .But I LOVE black .As you can tell by looking at my blog. I recently redone my master bath in mostly black and gold. I like black clothes too.I think there is still a pic of my bath on my blog.
    And about my car wreck,I only got a bump on my head.Thank you for asking about me. HUGS

  4. I adore this room, and I did like their black room on Next Design Star.

    I was kind of surprised with who was eliminated last week.

  5. Wow. This room is gorgeous. I liked the black one they did on Design Star, too. I never would've thought it would look so good! -Julia

  6. First time visitor, Chris. I love your blog, came over from Theresa.
    Regarding your question, I could live in a room like that now,very elegant and stunning, but not when my children were young.
    However I did do a dining area in black and white and I enjoyed the room. Z-brick was in style in the 70's, so I did the bottom of my counter in white z-brick to go along with my contemporary white and black dining area.

  7. I love that black room.........I would be interested in knowing the size as it appears huge......there then the black would work quite well. However a black wall in my RV would be a tad confining. I gave up watching any HGTV a couple a years ago.

  8. It's very dramatic. My daughter just got her master's degree in interior design and she's told me that for some reason a true black is very difficult visually. I was going to paint my bar area in a black suede paint and she said no, go with a very dark charcoal grey. I guess I need to ask her why.....

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


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