Friday, June 6, 2008

Teapots, Coffee Pots!

Today is the day to post the results of my "If I Were a Teapot" game. I only had one response and I hope it was because everyone is so busy this time of year, not because you all found it completely boring?? *Ü*
One of my newest blogging friends, Theresa over at "Take a Sentimental Journey" sent me four beautiful photos. She told me I could choose the one I liked best. So, I decided to post them all!

These pretty teapots are first because Theresa loves blue & white!

Next, is a gorgeous coffee pot! Look at the vibrant color & guilding!

I love this coffee set with the sweet roses.

This set, with the pansies (violets?) in relief is my absolute favorite!

THANK YOU Theresa for participating and for sharing your lovely things!

Perhaps, I'll try a slightly different version of this again sometime. I'm thinking of hosting a "Teapot Tuesday"! Hmmm...

Enjoy! Chris

P.S. Sorry about the weird line spacing! Blogger & I were at odds today!

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  1. hey my pots look pretty good don't they ? Thank you sweetie for letting me participate. HUGS


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