Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Mantel Show Off!

Kari & Kijsa at "Decorating for Life" are hosting a mantel show off! I know you'll all want to visit them and get some inspiration!

My current home doesn't have a fireplace! My last home had 3, and I miss having those opportunities to add decor to my rooms! So, until we put the the planned fireplace in the family room, my husband (sweet man that he is) has hung a mantel shelf for me.

This first photo is the mantel shelf as it looks now. I am definitely a "more is more" girl! Interesting that when you view your photos, you see things to change! This design needs something taller! I'll be working on that!

Next is the mantel for Christmas 2007.

Christmas 2006

This is a photo I have saved in my inspiration file. I can't remember where I got it so I can't give credit, but it was probably either Veranda or Traditional Home magazine. I absolutely love it, and one day will attempt to do my own version!

Now I'm off to visit a bunch of creative bloggers and their wonderful mantels! Thanks again Kari & Kijsa!

Enjoy! Chris



  1. What a great idea - a mantel shelf (oops I typed mental shelf - I need one of those).
    I love the rose print and the soft look of your "waiting for a fireplace" mantel.


  2. Im lovin' those dishes... I love the way you add all of that neat stuff together. You have an eye for it! Hope you show us pictures when you try that other look. Take care, Susie H~

  3. I love the idea of hanging a "mantel shelf" when you can't have an actual mantel. I've lived in homes without them before and should've done this myself! You really have a knack for decorating. I enjoyed seeing how you rearranged it different ways. Thanks! -Julia :-)

  4. You've done a beautiful job using the mantel shelf :)

    I love that last fireplace too and I can't remember where I've seen it either...hmmm..

    rue :)

  5. What a great job! I love the red and white dishes. I enjoyed my visit. Smiles, Paula

  6. Is that old ceiling tile curved under the shelf ?

  7. Ignore that last comment...wrong blog.

    LOVE those poinsettias.

    What a show off !

  8. Oh I love your shelf and especially those dishes! It looks great a Christmas time too!

  9. Your mantel shelf is fabulous. I love the red transferware. And, it looks perfect for Christmas, too.

  10. Beautiful shots!! Love your photos, your collections and your Christmas decor are beautiful!! Perfect solution too for those without a mantel! Great inspiration to be found here, from your home to the idea photo! Great job!!

    kari & kijsa

  11. Chris, thank you for visiting my post today. I have to say you mantel shelf is a big hit with me.. You have a great gift for decorating.. I love the, red and white dishes and the way you put it all together. The Christmas shelf is very charming, both years. I am with you on the magazine mantel.. It is fab!

    Happy Mantel day, Jeannec

  12. Hi Chris
    Your mantle shelf is very pretty. I love the red and white china. Thanks for your sweet comments. It is wonderful to know that my blogging is touching people's lives.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  13. Hi Chris, what a gorgeous mantel you have displayed. All your treasures look amazing and I love the dishes. Your Christmas mantel looks so pretty too.
    Nice to meet you.
    la rea rose

  14. Hi! Nice to meet you! well, I love its,super cool! are so cute! warm regards

  15. I love your red transferware! Your mantle/shelf looks great! What a neat idea! I scrolled down to the plates in the next post and they were absolutely beautiful, too! You have a gift for creating pretty vignettes!

    Thanks for dropping in today, and for the kind comments on my blog!

    ~Rhonda ;)

  16. Chris,
    You have a wonderful eye for arrangements! Beautiful no-fireplace mantel!

  17. I love your manel shelf. It's beautiful all the different ways you've decorated it. I love your blog it's very classy and sophisticated. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad also.

  18. I love your mantel shelf..I am a more is more kind of gal too...I collect dishes to and really like to decorate with them...but i do struggle with placement ont he have a really good style decorating with it! Marlene from Cambria

  19. I'm a more is more girl too and I love how you have your mantel decorated.

  20. The shelf is a perfect solution to no mantel- it still looks great!!! :) xo!

  21. Hi Chris
    I'm so happy you want to buy the Vera napkins. Just go to my blog and click on "view my complete profile" and you'll find my email there. Email me your full name and address. Monday I'll go to the post office, then I'll let you knopw the exact amount including the postage and you can just pop a check in the mail to me.
    Thanks. Rhondi xo

  22. Your shelf looks beautiful! I love your inspiration photo ... I have boxes filled with those! :)

  23. The mantel shelf is a great idea! I think I'm going to try that also. I always get so envious when I see all the beautiful mantels and you found a great solution. Your blog is interesting and I will visit often. Thank you also for visiting mine!! This is such fun!!


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