Thursday, June 19, 2008

Collecting Plates

My collection of decorative plates began as a teenager. My parents had friends who were retired military and had lived all over the world. We were visiting them one day when I admired a hand-carved & painted wooden plate hanging on the dining room wall. Betty took it off the wall and handed it to me! "I've been going to make a change in this room, and this is the perfect excuse!", she said! I hung it on my bedroom wall, and in every home I've had since! It is a Tyrolean scene and I love it!

Another favorite is the copper plate, which my mother's dearest friend, Doris, brought to me from Israel as a gift for house sitting for her. It is a Tree of Life design and is also precious to me!

Next I'm showing off some of my red transferware. I have other pieces, pitchers, platters, and teapots, and I'll be showing more of them tomorrow. (More about that later.)

Of course, I just HAD to show off my rooster plate. It sits in my entry on the tile-topped table my husband made me. It was a lucky find...girlfriend & I shopping, spy marked down $60 plate, walk out with it at $12! That was a fun day!

These plates hang on the dining room wall. The one on top is another thrift store find. The Rose plate is hand-painted by a local artist, and the Wedgewood Jasperware plate was a gift from my mom.

Finally, here's a little $6 plate I picked up in a thrift shop. When my husband & I opened our custom framing shop, long closed now, we needed something to put into a shadow box. I loved it so much, I brought it home!

Now for some fun! Kari & Kijsa are hosting a Mantel showoff on their "Designing for Life" blog! Hop on over for a visit and sign up to participate or just for inspiration! I can't wait to see all the creatively decorated mantels! Thanks Kari & Kijsa!
Enjoy! Chris


  1. I have a thing for plates, too, so I loved this post. You have some beautiful ones! Thanks for sharing them with us. -Julia

  2. I am a plate collector too and love to hang them on the walls.
    Rhondi xo

  3. Chris I love your rooster plate, it is so pretty. And I like your othr plates too.
    Chris check my blog, I have presented you with an award.


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