Friday, August 21, 2009

How to Decide?

I am conflicted! I SO love this room! (it's taken from the Thibaut Fabrics & Wallpaper website) It is warm, uber traditional and full of elements that are "just me". Or at least they have been in the past.

Then, I look at this room. Light, cool, and not-so-traditional; transitional maybe? (Mary Ruth, where are you?) I really like those window treatments. I DO have a view afterall! For some reason, the colors speak to me.

I want/need a change. My red, green & gold color pallet, which has always been my favorite, isn't making me as happy any more. I just don't know, darn it!

Which room do you like better? I know it won't help my decision much, but I'm curious!

Confused, Chris


  1. I love the second room... but I'm all about the cool, calming colors.

  2. I love them both too! Such different looks. I love so many decorating styles that it's always hard for me to chose also.

    I'll be anxious to see what you do in the future! Makeovers are so fun in blogland!!

    Hugs, Sherry

  3. I like the bottom so light and looks relaxing. I could see myself sitting down to read a book!

  4. I like the bottom one but would have to go with a different coffee table and different art work behind the sofa. The first picture is too matched up for my taste. Love the colors but too much of the same pattern makes the room look heavy. Remove the wallpaper and do the drapes in a different fabric and the sofa throw pillows in another and you'd have a "keeper!"

  5. ya know I am not fond of cool colors but I think you could combine the two for some airyness (?) given the area you live. I'm with you I love the WT's

  6. Hi Chris,
    Wow, I like both of them too. But since you ask, I love the blue room, it's cool and light yet warm.I am re-doing my Master bedroom right now,I know what you mean about making up our minds since there are so many pretty colors right now to choose from. I think the first room might tend to be a bit heavy and if you use wallpaper you will be stuck with the pattern and not be able to change the room very much.
    You have lovely taste and whatever you choose it will be perfect!.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  7. Hi, I love the second one, fresh and bright but still very homely! x

  8. Chris! I love both rooms. BUT the reason you can't decide is that BOTH are right!

    So, you love the first photo because of its harmony and peacefulness that evening and later in the day gives you. This is your life 'after' work! The bottom photo represents how you begin your day, in the sunshine and the contrasts that the light/dark areas give you. It provides a bit more drama.

    You can have both, because the harmony of less contrast is provided by mood ligting as the sun sets and we sit down to a glass of wine and good conversation and company. In the morning, the sun will wake up the space and you will have more contrast!

    You have such a good space to work with, and using pattens or textures that would last will help you organize your space. Wallpaper has a timetable to it. As someone might relate its look to an 'era'. If you pick something from nature, even a mural vintage paper that has hand paintings of birds or flowers for example is timeless. And color schemes, they are evolving and change every year so you should live with the colors that affect you and your life in your home. After all we want our 'havens' to fit us.

    I can't wait to see you collect a few samples of ideas you start with and see the direction you choose.

  9. Chris, after posting on the newer post, I went back to review the photos you had posted. I also noticed that the drapery in the second photo really call attention to the horizontal lines in the furniture and the room. This works well with low-backed sofa and furniture.

    I like your drapery and how it accentuates the verticle and your tall ceilings.


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