Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three or More Tuesday!

Once again, it is Three or More Tuesday, hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner! Please be sure to visit Tam and the other participant's in this always fun event!

Today, I am showing off some of my plate collection! This love of plates actually developed when I was a teenager. I was given a carved wooden plate from Tyrolia by a friend of my mother. I have more that are not on display, since this house hasn't the wall space of our last home. These are just some my favorites!

Cheers! Chris


  1. You better keep an eye on that rooster plate ! I might just snatch it away from you ! LOL .Have a good day Chris.

  2. thanks for sharing your collection. I am a dish addict myself.

  3. Some pretties for sure. And sitting under the your new shade...I'm so jealous. What a bargain ;-)

  4. Hi Chris,
    Love, Love,Love your plates. I collect all kinds of plates too. The patterns are so pretty.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  5. You have some very beautifull plates! I love the middle one in the second picture and those red and cream ones are perfect againt that wall color. What a pretty sight!! I have recently started to buy some plates, not to hang but to display in a cabinet. One more collection....

  6. Your plates are exquisite and I enjoy seeing how you have decorated with them. Everything is so beautifully placed.


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