Monday, August 31, 2009

My Weekend - The Really Good and the REALLY BAD!

My weekend started with a wonderful recognition breakfast for all who serve in the Women's Minstry at our church! The food and fellowship were great & the message by our Women's Ministry Director was very heartfelt and inspiring. (She's the BEST!)

Then after church on Sunday, we attended the church Baptism service at our friend & neighbors home. Because we do not yet have our own church building, we meet in a school for now, our baptisms have taken place in one of the local lakes or in a church member's pool. We saw 20 people, young & old be baptized, sang a few great old songs, then headed home.

As we were driving up the road to home, I saw a sight that is very frightening to those of us who live in the rural areas here. A wildfire was burning out of control, just over the ridge to the east of our property. Although it was several miles away, these fires are unpredictable and so dangerous! The wind had kicked up and the temperature was in the high 90's at least. All conditions for the most difficult fire-fighting.

As of this morning, the fire is basically just smoldering. But it has left a path of destruction beyond belief! One whole neighborhood of fairly new, larger homes is GONE! As we viewed the TV news, and watched the live aerial film, it was incredible to see that the fire moved so quickly that people didn't even have time to take their cars in some cases! Terrible!

HERE is a link to some videos from our local news. Please excuse the commercials, ugh!

We haven't heard if they have discovered the cause of the fire. We don't know of any human injuries or deaths. We do know that some pets have perished and that 60 structures have been lost. It is a very sad day for many families.

It was an awful way to end a weekend! Please be careful out there...



  1. Chris my sister is down south in those horrible fires............hate this time of year. Friend is up in I believe it is Eureka fighting fires. Just keeping everyone in my prayers.

  2. Doodles, I am praying for your sis & friend! The LA fires are just awful!

  3. Oh that is terrible Chris! You keep an eye out on that fire so close to you.


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