Monday, August 10, 2009

Lucky Me!

I almost never go to K-Mart. Not for any particular reason; it is just out of my normal travel patterns. This past Saturday was an exception.

Saturday morning, 7 of us girls met for breakfast. This is something we try to do once a month. We met at a great little restaurant in Rocklin, CA called Granite Rock Grill. The fellowship, food & conversation was wonderful! I had a peppered bacon scramble. Definitely NOT low cal, but really yummy!

My daughter was with me. As we left the restaurant, she mentioned she had been looking for a CHEAP patio lounge chair. We decided that since K-Mart was close, we'd see if they had any deals. As it turned out, the ONLY lounge chair they had was almost $100!

But... Oh, they had deals alright!

Look at what I got! This $700 pavilion was on sale for $179! I have wanted one of these forever! It is the floor model, needs to be disassembled, comes with no instructions for set up (good thing hubs is an engineer), and appears to be in perfect condition! SCORE!

My husband & I went back on Sunday afternoon so that he could see it while it's set up & take a look at the fittings and assembly before they take it down. Even he said I "did good"!

We can pick it up today or tomorrow. I can't wait to get it set up and redecorate my new room! I'll post more photos when I have it just right.

I always say, "I never find deals like that". Guess I'll have to change my tune? Now if I can find a new outdoor rug for a deal like that...

Have a happy Monday!


  1. how cool is it up yet?

  2. Doodles,
    No, it isn't even home yet! Whaaaa!

    We have to wait for them to call us, argh!

    I need to work on my patience...

  3. Hello Chris!

    This is fabulous! Wonderful!! It is absolutely beautiful and the price super fantastic! Enjoy!



  4. Wow! That is a great deal!! I love finding things like that!!

  5. Hello..thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit! IT may take me awhile, but I will try to catch up on your blog as well.

    YOU ARE SO got a deal on that sis and her hubby got one almost like it for ALOT more!!

    You totally scored!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit! I am trying to catch up on my visitors and hope to catch up reading your blog as well!

    YOU did score on that pavillion purchase!

  7. Hi Chris,
    Big SCORE!!! Wow, what a great find. It was meant for you!. Now I can't wait to see how you set it up and decorate. Did Daughter ever find a patio chair? Hopefully she will come upon a great buy too.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  8. Wow Chris you hit the jackpot ! I love those pavilion's. I couldn't have one around here though because the dogs would pee on the curtains :) :) :)

  9. Wow! Chris was a great buy! I wish we still had a K-Mart here in our area. They closed them all down here in Texas, except I think there is one close to Corpus Christi. I would have to make a very long trip if I want to visit one.

    Irma :)

  10. What a great find/bargain Chris - it's going to be fabulous in your garden! A perfect spot for a tea party or an evening aperitif.

    Looking back at those wonderfully illustrated seed packets was a treat - I love them all and think today's versions are so insipid compared to these. I do buy seeds in packets still - saw some pretty ones in England at the garden center but of course they're not allowed through customs, unfortunately!

    Glad to know someone else has visited Mt.Lassen. It was so beautiful there. My friend takes all her visitors to picnic at the snowline! Unfortunaely there was a tragic death the day we went (we didn't find out what happened until later). While we were at the visitor center on our way out, several police and, ambulance and a fire truck went by, sirens screaming. Apparently a family was caught in a rockslide on the peak hiking trail and a 9 y.o. boy was killed - so very sad. I read that volcanic rocks are loose and fall easily - thank goodness the one Jasmin was pushing on didn't move! I didn't want to mention the accident in my post - my heart went out to that family who, like us, were there just to enjoy the beauty of Nature on a lovely day, so sad.

    Thanks for your always generous comments - I love reading them and appreciate you stopping by so often. Our visit to No.Cal. was such a treat - just beautiful land and lovely people.

  11. Thank you for your vote over at Mind wide open. I also love tags.

    I have a k-mart right down the street. I need to go check it out.:) But I do think you got a great deal.
    Have a great Day.


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