Monday, August 17, 2009

The Pavilion Is Up!

Despite the heat & the smoke (yes, we have more wildfires in No. California, ugh!) Ed was able to get our new pavilion set up on the back deck.

We love it! I especially love the "candlelier", but DH thinks an electric chandy would be more versatile. He's right, the candles don't provide enough light to see what you are eating, for example. And, if he puts a dimmer on the switch, we can still have softer light when we want it.

I have so many things to do for next spring. We need new cushions and a new rug. There is a plant stand in the corner, by the screen, that my father built many years ago. It is falling apart. and I want to dismantle it and make a pattern so we can duplicate it. We also plan to replace the deck boards with Trex. We used it on the deck off our master bedroom & it is great stuff.

Still need to do some sprucing up, but couldn't wait to show you how my great find worked out!

Cheers! Chris

P.S. Please keep the firefighters and folks affected by the wildfires in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Chris - What a beautiful deck "makeover" !!! You've added another room to your lovely home.

    I'm wondering if we could do that 'cause we have a pergola over our deck. I'll have to see if I can find a flat roof pavilion.

    Enjoy your new area, it's absolutely lovely !!


  2. Hi Chris ~ I absolutely love it. I've been asking Glenn to get me one of those forever. You're a very lucky girl to find such a sweet deal!


  3. It's just fabulous Chris - know you will enjoy your new 'room' so much.....and such a great bargain!

  4. that looks impressive! It is beautiful and makes such a difference! enjoy this beautiful new space!


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