Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Rhondi, thank you once again for hosting Thankful Thursday and giving me the opportunity to reflect on how blessed I am! Please visit Rose Colored Glasses, Rhondi's gorgeous blog, and Thankful Thursday to see all who are participating!

Check out the floppy...this photo is sure outdated!

I am so thankful for my job!

I have what some might call a Dream Job. I write proposals for a large Electronic Manufacturing Company. That in itself, can be not-so-dreamy. We are a global company, so I occasionally have conference calls at hours when I would rather be sleeping. There are often unreasonable deadlines and the stress associated with them. Then there are the customers who toss out a Request for Proposal the week before Christmas. They are on vacation so they lose no "working time". You (the proposal team) on the other hand, are the only people in your company to be working that week. :o(

I will admit to being less than thrilled about my job during the aforementioned challenges.


  • I am able to work from home. That is huge. If I need to do laundry, start supper, take 15 to water the garden, I can!

  • I am well paid. My company has never missed a quarterly bonus payout, and my merit increases have been good!

  • I love the people I work with! My manager & I have known and worked with one another for years. We have both survived several company acquisitions and continued to have jobs in the new companies. My co-workers are also friends, although we rarely see each other face to face.

  • I have been with the company long enough to have 7-1/2 weeks of vacation accrued!

In these rough financial times, I am so lucky and thankful to be employed by a stable company. I wouldn't be surprised if we are in for a few bumps in the road. But whatever comes along, I have been blessed!

Thankfully, Chris



  1. It is such a blessing to be satisfied with your work situation and to work with wonderful people.

  2. You are blessed to have a job you truly like. Not every one can say they do. Have a great weekend, blessings, Kathleen

  3. A job that pays well and you do from home... I'm a little jealous, I'll admit!

    My company had it's best quarter last quarter but now it's starting to tank. With me being in a new engine program, things could get interesting!

  4. I have a job that pays well and lets me work from home, too, and I agree. Even though I don't particularly like the projects I'm working on much of the time, it's such a luxury to be able to throw a load of laundry in, have lunch in my own kitchen, keep an eye on the kids, etc.

    Have a great weekend! -Julia :-)


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