Wednesday, November 2, 2011

National Deviled Egg Day!

According to my Gallo Family Calendar, today is November 2nd, and today National Deviled Egg Day!

Who doesn't love a good Deviled Egg? 

To help you celebrate this wonderful day, I've gathered and posted the links to several recipes that I spotted around the foodie websites.  I hope there's a deviled egg in your day! :)
And last, maybe least:

If you're a real novice, here's a TUTORIAL about Deviled Eggs!


  1. Oh I do love deviled eggs, but first I'll have to get some eggs.

    Have a very fun day with your friends and enjoy those yummy sounding caramel brownies or whatever it was you mentioned. I think that my imagination ran wild.

  2. I KNEW there had to be a Deviled Egg Day!! There too good not to! I've gotta call my DIL and tell her... she makes the best in our family.

    Thanks!! Sherry (deviled egg tasting expert)

  3. HiChris, I love deviled eggs.We are going to be eating alot of eggs around here; I have 12 big fat hens and they are laying. Got eggs coming out of my ears.If you lived closer I'f leave some on your doorstep,hehehe !


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