Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winnerfest and a recipe!

In the Tupperware world, there's been Springfest, Summerfest, Fallfest and Winterfest. Four times a year, several Tupperware organizations from Northern California & Nevada get together for a night of recognition, celebration & training.  T

These events help us to launch the upcoming selling season, by showing us new product & catalogs, the gifts for hosts, consumer specials, and (fun, fun, fun!) the trips, and gifts that we as consultants can earn.

Because our new motto for 2012 in "WIN", Work It Now, this event was renamed Winnerfest. :)

Last night, I had the privilege of being a trainer and host of a "Discovery Table".  I thought you might like to see a few photos.

My table theme was : 

I am very aware that our Hosts "gift" us with time in their homes and by inviting their friends.  It is important to me that I return value to them.  My party demo is my gift in return.  Tupperware sells itself.  If  folks come to a party, they are likely expecting to buy.  I want to give hints, tips & recipes using our products and systems that can really make a difference in their kitchens.  Save them time, or money or both...

So, my table was all about taking the products that are featured in the current sale flyer, and showing how we can add value to our demos by featuring them. 

One of my favorite products on the table is the Heat 'N Serve.  These containers go from the fridge or freezer, right to the microwave for reheating.  There is a automatic venting system that prevents blowout!  Ever have something explode all over the nuker?  Yuck!  The containers are also attractive enough to set on the table for serving.

Using these containers, you can create a basic beef or basic chicken mix, in your microwave or on the stove top, that can be turned into 8 different meals.  Stick 'em in the fridge or freezer and you've got quick dinners for 8 of your busiest day in December!  The demo includes a cookbook with both basic mixes and recipes for using them.

I think of all the ideas I taught, this was the favorite.  Except for the Holiday Cranberry Salsa recipe.  This is really delicious.  Eat it with cinnamon tortilla chips, pour it over a block of cream cheese to serve with crackers, or use it as your cranberry dish for Holiday meals.  I do all three! 

I've "gifted" you with that recipe below!

Micro Pitcher = microwaveable pitcher
Quick Chef = food processor
Chopper Machine = food processor

Thanks for allowing me to share some of my career with you!

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