Thursday, November 3, 2011

A New Collection?

Okay, I'll admit it!  I am a collector of stuff.  I have collections that have cost me a few bucks.  Blown-glass pumpkins, red transferware, teapots, depression glass, finials, roosters & hens (decorative types), Santas.  None absolutely priceless, but there has been some investment over time.  I love them, and I will continue to collect them. 


Lately, I have been drawn to a very inexpensive, easily sought & found item.  What is this highly collectible item you ask?

Paper Napkins.  Yes, I said, "Paper Napkins"!  Not your everyday white, buy in bulk at Costco paper napkins either!

I started buying them to use for quick wipe ups out on the deck or take on picnics.  How that all changed, I'm not sure.

Might have been the one below, found at Sur La Table.  I actually laughed out loud in the middle of the store!  You would have to know my family to understand why, but it is all good, I promise. 

Just a few days ago, I found this one.  Seasonally appropriate, don't you think?

This photo shows what is currently in my kitchen drawer.

I almost bought another package yesterday.  Somehow, I resisted, but it was hilarious, and I'll probably go back for it.

Is it possible I am entering my dotage?  I hope I'm just a collector who likes to have fun!

Question for today: Do you collect anything slightly weird?


  1. I too love napkins. I have a large rectangular basket under my buffet that's filled with them as well as other miscellaneous napkins tucked other places. Whenever I see a new pretty pattern at my Dollar Store, I buy it. But I don't call mine a collection because I use them all the time. Funny though how the numbers never seem to decrease!

  2. We used to collect napkins when we modgepodged everything in sight! If you're happy and wearing a grin, I think you can collect anything you like.

  3. YES..I DO collect something....


  4. these are some really good ones,,I will now introduce myself,, I just came from Maires blog, her quickie post updating her health, you touched my heart with your wonderful optimistic comment,, its nice to meet you,


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